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The ADHD Homework Survival Guide


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    Use this ADHD-friendly guide to help you (and your child) survive nightly homework without tears, tantrums, or fights. Learn how to…

    • Establish after-school routines that work, night after night
    • Make sure assignments are written down accurately
    • Tackle complex long-term projects, like term papers
    • Help your child study smarter and recall info at test time
    • Find great apps, gadgets, and tools for homework help

    PLEASE NOTE: This ebook is delivered via a downloadable PDF, MOBI file for Kindle, and EPUB file for iBook; it does not ship.

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    After working hard to focus and remember all day long, your child fights his nightly homework with a vengeance. And who can blame him? Children with ADHD struggle with executive functions, working memory, and restlessness — skills that are taxed all day. Parents who are tired of daily battles over vocab lists and multiplication tables agree: There has to be a better way.

    In this 50-page special report from ADDitude, you’ll learn how to break the bad homework cycle and keep your child learning. Topics include:

    • 10 unbreakable homework rules
    • Setting routines that work, night after night
    • Getting the teacher on your side, to figure out what works
    • Tackling complex long-term projects, like term papers
    • Helping your child study smarter and recall info at test time
    • Apps, gadgets, and tools that help your child get the job done

    This comprehensive special report contains expert tips, printable resources, and more, to help you and your child conquer homework — without tears.


    This comprehensive report includes everything from writing down the assignment to tackling it without tears to making sure it gets turned in on time. Chapters include:


      Real parents, students, and ADHD experts discuss the best accommodations to include in your child’s IEP or 504 Plan.


      As children get older, homework gets more complex. This simple three-step plan helps kids plan, research, and execute big assignments.


      A daily report card can improve your child’s homework accountability. We include a sample report card for you to get started.


      Many kids with ADHD also struggle with learning disabilities like dyslexia. We outline how to tackle LD and ADHD challenges.


      If your kid is on her phone all day anyway, why not put it to good use? We recommend proven apps for studying and organizing.


      Even if she knows the material, tests still terrify your child. No matter what kind of test, here’s how she can get the grade she deserves.

    “Homework done in tears won’t improve your child’s achievement — and will likely have a negative effect on his attitude towards school.” —the editors of ADDitude

    Make Homework Productive Again: ORDER THE SPECIAL REPORT NOW!

    The full report has even more useful information for conquering homework assignments — including tips for encouraging reluctant readers, how to boost poor memory, and a full list of additional resources from ADDitude!

    PLEASE NOTE: This eBook is a downloadable PDF and ePub file; it does not ship.

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