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The ADHD Guide to Mobile Apps & Digital Tools


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    You hold unlimited tools and information in the palm of your hand — literally! Mobile apps and digital tools can track your workouts, swap your face, and even help you manage your most challenging ADHD symptoms like sleeplessness, distractibility, and disorganization. But with 3 million (and counting!) mobile apps to choose from, how can you find the resources worth your money and memory?

    That’s where we come in! ADDitude’s editors have carefully combed through expert recommendations and reader suggestions to create a list of more than 100 mobile apps and tools that really, truly improve ADHD symptoms.

    This eBook offers solutions for:

    • Managing time and to-do lists
    • Juggling priorities at work or at school
    • Understanding & improving social skills
    • Building critical reading, writing, & math abilities
    • Flexing the ADHD creativity muscle & letting our Ferrari brains fly!

    PLEASE NOTE: This ebook is a downloadable PDF; it does not ship.

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    With 70 pages of mobile apps, computer-based tools, and other online resources, The ADHD Guide to Mobile Apps & Digital Tools will be your go-to resource for productivity, learning, and happiness. Included in this eBook are solutions to help you:

    • Stop mindlessly browsing the internet at work
    • Turn off your brain for a good night’s sleep
    • Find coaching strategies or CBT exercises — without breaking the bank
    • Build a stronger brain with focus training & memory games

    No app can cure your ADHD, that’s for sure. But this eBook aims to help you find tools that can help level the playing field.


    This eBook is organized by common ADHD hot spots, to help you zero in on the tools that will work best for you. Chapters include:


      Prioritize tasks, keep track of time, and get more stuff done each day.


      Store vital information, create smarter to-do lists, and make your email work for you.


      Block out distractions, zero in on work, and build a stronger brain.


      Brainstorm great ideas, turn thoughts into actions, and keep your imagination limber.

    • SLEEP

      Quiet a restless brain, get out of bed when you need to, and diagnose common sleep problems.


      Develop stronger social skills, learn to interpret non-verbal cues, and stay invested in important relationships.


      Help your child develop stronger academic skills and compensate for ADHD-related school challenges.


      Keep track of assignments, stay organized, and get homework done — without tears.


      Stay on top of schoolwork, juggle new responsibilities, and master your newfound independence.

    Find the best mobile apps and tools to manage your ADHD today — ORDER THE SPECIAL REPORT NOW!

    The full eBook has even more recommendations from ADHD coaches, special education teachers, and our very own readers — plus a ton of additional resources from ADDitude!

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