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The ADDitude Guide to Diet & Nutrition for ADHD


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    Learn what to eat and what to avoid for improved ADHD symptoms. This downloadable eBook includes expert information on:

    • How sugar, food dyes, or other additives might be aggravating symptoms
    • Which supplements can have a positive effect, and which just aren’t worth your time
    • How to make meals that are healthy, filling, and easy for busy adults with ADHD
    • The links between weight gain and ADHD, and how you can push back
    • Why cutting out dairy, soy, or gluten might boost your brain

    PLEASE NOTE: This eBook is delivered as a downloadable PDF, MOBI file for Kindle, and ePub file for iBook; it does not ship.

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    Eating a healthy diet won’t “cure” your ADHD. But research has long shown that healthy, whole foods — combined with certain supplements and minerals — can improve impulsivity, focus, and hyperactivity. In this comprehensive special report, we outline exactly what you should eat — and what you’re better off avoiding — to get the best results for your brain’s unique chemistry.

    In this updated, 86-page guide, you’ll learn:

    • How omega-3, iron, and zinc can boost your brainpower
    • Why sugar, dairy, or gluten might be making you feel sluggish
    • How to plan, shop for, and cook meals — even when ADHD gets in the way
    • Why ADHD may make it harder for you to lose weight — and how you can fight back

    Whether you’re looking to supplement a medication plan, or use diet as a stand-alone treatment, this in-depth eBook contains the critical information you need to know for managing your ADHD with food and vitamins.


    This Diet & Nutrition Guide will help you choose the best foods and eliminate the ones that might be exacerbating tough ADHD symptoms. Chapters include:

    • WHAT NOT TO EAT Does sugar really cause “brain fog”? Should you cut out food dyes? What about dairy? Identifying your unique dietary triggers, and learning how to eliminate them from the foods you eat, may help with symptom control.
    • WHAT TO EAT How much protein is too much? Is all fat bad? Is fruit okay? Read on for tips on what makes a healthy ADHD plate.
    • SUPPLEMENTS AND HERBS Read up on the science — or lack thereof — behind the supplements that work and the ones that are simply smoke and mirrors.
    • MAKING MEALS EASY Not sure what to cook up? We’ve compiled healthy recipes and easy-to-follow tips to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks easy — and delicious!
    • ADHD-FRIENDLY MEAL TIPS Can’t handle grocery shopping? Exhausted at the mere idea of cooking? Never fear! We’ve included ADHD-centric meal prep tips to make making dinner (or lunch, or breakfast) a breeze.
    • DEALING WITH A PICKY EATER Food sensitivities and sensory processing difficulties go hand-in-hand with ADHD. Learn what you can do here.
    • IMPULSIVE EATING AND WEIGHT GAIN Dopamine levels in your brain may be leading you to overeat. Learn why ADHD makes weight loss difficult and what you can do to battle the bulge.
    • CAN A KETOGENIC DIET REDUCE ADHD SYMPTOMS? The latest research and insights into a high-protein, low-carb diet.

    Breaking bad eating habits isn’t easy, but it can work wonders for your ADHD symptoms in the long run. This special report has all the information you need to devise a diet and lifestyle plan that works for you.

    PLEASE NOTE: This eBook is a downloadable PDF and ePub file; it does not ship.

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