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The ADHD Childcare Guide


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    From discipline to bedtime, this downloadable eBook contains practical advice for the caregivers of spirited children with ADHD:

      • Understanding ADHD behaviors and brain science
      • 9 common ADHD behaviors – and smart responses
      • 7 secrets to better behavior
      • 8 big stress points – and strategies for each
      • The babysitter checklist

    PLEASE NOTE: This ebook is a downloadable PDF; it does not ship.

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    Children with ADHD are not willfully bad or temperamental. But somehow they end up with more bruises, meltdowns, damaging messes, and exasperated caregivers than all of their friends combined. As their parents, even we have trouble getting it right all of the time. And we know all too well that babysitters, grandparents, and other caregivers need special training and tools — whether they know it or not.

    Use this eBook, written by ADDitude founder Ellen Kingsley, to help your child’s caregivers…

    • Learn how to defuse 9 common ADHD behaviors
    • Understand the difference between disobedience and ADHD
    • Anticipate potentially difficult situations
    • Manage tough transitions and hypersensitivities
    • Correct without criticizing, and punish fairly & effectively
    • Get kids to eat and to sleep without a battle

    This comprehensive special report contains 45 pages of spot-on real-life strategies and tactics to help your child’s caregivers keep him safe and happy while you’re away.


    Caring for a child with ADHD comes with its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Preparing your caregivers ahead of time can save everyone a lot of wasted energy and stress.

    WHAT IS ADHD? How ADHD commonly manifests, the brain chemistry behind the symptoms, and why ‘positive discipline’ is better than punishment.

    9 COMMON ADHD BEHAVIORS Social immaturity, trouble following directions, losing things, and 6 more frequent challenges — plus solutions for each.

    7 SECRETS TO BETTER BEHAVIOR 7 simple, powerful rules to help any parent or caregiver navigate a tough or frustrating situation aggravated by ADHD symptoms.

    THE 8 BIG STRESS POINTS From transitions and sibling squabbles to hyperactivity and bedtime battles, caregivers’ big challenges — and solutions for each.

    HAVING FUN Great ideas for games, sports, and activities that bring out the best in children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

    THE BABYSITTER CHECKLIST The worksheet every parent should fill out before leaving their child with any caregiver — even a grandparent.

    “ADHD is a disorder of self-control. When your child leaves his homework half done or forgets to take out the trash, it’s not usually willful disobedience. That’s important to remember.” — Ellen Kingsley, founder of ADDitude

    Help educate your child’s caregivers—ORDER THIS E-BOOK NOW!

    This parent-written report explains everything about ADHD that your child’s babysitters, grandparents, and teachers need to know in order to care for him or her more safely and effectively — and to have fun doing it!

    PLEASE NOTE: This eBook is a downloadable PDF and ePub file for iBook; it does not ship.

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