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The ADDitude Guide to Brain Training for ADHD


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    Search “brain training” and you’ll find countless apps, games, and tools promising to make you smarter, slow cognitive decline, and/or boost creativity. From Lumosity to CogniFit, brain training has overtaken the main- stream and seeped in to ADHD treatment plans — through at-home apps, in-office neurofeedback programs, and everything in between — claiming to improve attention, lower impulsivity, or boost brain-based skills like pro- cessing speed or working memory.

    But what do these tools actually do, and do they make any real, measurable impact on symptoms of attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD)? In this FAQ and accompanying chart, we dive into what brain training comprises, how various programs work, and what you or your child can expect from popular solutions.

    Get comparative information on the following popular brain-training options:

    • Neurofeedback: BrainPaint, Atentiv, Myndlift, NeuroPlus, Play Attention, Wild Divine
    • Cognitive Training: Cogmed, LearningRx, ACTIVATE, AttenGo, BrainBeat, BrainHQ, BrainTrain, NeuroTracker, Play Attention
    • Mobile Apps & Games: Brain Age, Brain Fitness Pro, CogniFit, Elevate, Fit Brains, NeuroNation, Lumosity, Peak

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    Unsure what constitutes ADHD brain training? You’re not alone — this alternative treatment means different things to different people, and encompasses a wide range of programs and treatments — some more reputable than others. Use the FAQ and chart in The ADDitude Guide to Brain Training for ADHD to understand and find popular brain training solutions. Inside, you will find…

    • Citations to scientific research on the most popular brain training solutions
    • Expert and reader feedback on brain training solutions
    • A thorough chart comparing the focus, cost, research, and links for the most popular brain training programs and products
    • Links to many more related resources

    Learn how cognitive training and neurofeedback work for ADHD brains in this 27-page ebook!


    This mini-eBook includes critical information about the following:


      • Learn about the distinctions between these popular brain training methods.

      • Learn about research studies on brain training for ADHD symptoms.

      • Get an in-depth look at Cogmed, BrainBeat, LearningRx, and Play Attention.

      • Learn the differences between 23 popular brain-training programs and products.

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    The full report has even more useful information about treating ADHD symptoms in children and adults from ADDitude!

    PLEASE NOTE: This eBook is a downloadable PDF and ePub file; it does not ship.

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