Positively ADD

Mini-biographies of successful ADDers to inspire teens.

by Catherine A. Corman and Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.
Walker Books, $16.95
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Plenty of books dwell on the negatives associated with ADD. But ADD guru Dr. Ned Hallowell has teamed up with Catherine Corman, a mother of 13-year-old ADD triplets, to present a hopeful picture-and actually get our kids excited about the adult work world.

Hallowell and Corman present mini-biographies of 17 adults who found success despite-or perhaps because of-ADD. Readers will recognize some of the subjects, such as David Neeleman (CEO of JetBlue Airways and inventor of the e-ticket). But others, including a journalist, a school principal, a chef, and a photographer, are just as inspirational, and they suggest the variety of professions in which ADDers can excel.

The book’s subjects don’t just talk about their successes. They also discuss the challenges of schoolwork and the visits to the principal’s office that colored their childhoods. And by seeing a bit of themselves in these fascinating individuals, teens can get glimpses of who they have the potential to become. This book is a must-read for any young ADDer-and any worried parent.