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ADDitude Asked: If You Could Change One Thing in Your Child’s Life, What Would It Be?

We asked our reader panel: If you could change one thing in your child’s life, what would it be?

Tape Recorder Reset and Parenting Do-Over
Tape Recorder Reset and Parenting Do-Over

To take away my son’s feeling of failure in the classroom. Teachers draw a lot of attention to him because he needs extra help.
An ADDitude Reader

To stop being an introvert and be more outgoing and social.
Ann Yarbrough, Leesburg, Virginia

To have teachers who understand that ADHD is biological, and who know how to accommodate students with executive function challenges.
Belinda, California

To help him manage time better. At 20 years old, he can’t tell how long it will take to get somewhere or to complete a task.
Elizabeth, Virginia

I wish she would overcome her low self-esteem. She’s bright, fun, and creative, but she’s her own worst critic. I wish I could take away her negative self-talk and her quickness to downplay her abilities.
Leslie, Chicago

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I am older now, but as a child, I wish I had been more up front about why it was difficult for me to grasp what others found so easy.
T. Cioffi, Medford, Oregon

I would make school easier for him. He’s managed to adjust to a lot, but school, especially math, remains hard. I wish I could find a public school near to us that would teach him the way he learns.
Dee Boling, New Orleans, Louisiana

To have a more supportive spouse in helping me raise our child.
Ann, New York

To give him the ability to complete a task that he’s not interested in.
Hannah, Illinois

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To avoid having my son labeled the “bad” kid at school because of his impulsive behaviors. His self-esteem is in the basement.
Christine M., Cleveland, Ohio

The deep-seated hurt my ADHD child feels at having been given up for adoption.
Deb, Connecticut

I wish my daughter’s brain didn’t have to work so hard to get things done.
Carolyn, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

That it’s OK to do things differently.
Sydney, California

I wish he would accept that he needs help and medication.
An ADDitude Reader

I wish I could be more available to my son.
Kathy, Illinois

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