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Listen to “The Secret Lives of Women with ADHD” with Terry Matlen

Tune in to hear Terry Matlen explain how women with ADHD can overcome shame and unhealthy societal expectations.

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Listen to “The Secret Lives of Women with ADHD: What No One Ever Told (or Asked) You About Your ADHD,” Terry Matlen

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Terry Matlen explains how women with ADHD can overcome societal expectations, shame, and embarrassment.

In this episode:

  • Understanding the inner experience of women with ADHD
  • Devising and sticking to an Individualized Living Plan to accommodate your ADHD challenges
  • Learning to balance home, work, and relationships without feeling guilty about any perceived shortcomings
  • Planning family meals, keeping the kids clothed, and maintaining organizing strategies that work
  • Remembering the important stuff and forgetting the shame and hurtful comments that can hold you back

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Listener testimonials:

  • “Wonderful program. I am 51 and just realizing this might be my issue. I just ordered the speaker’s book. Thanks!”
  • “What a blessing to hear the symptoms. My spouse has most of these, but only sees my problems. It is such a blessing to hear again and again, that this is real, and not a figment of my imagination 🙂 Thanks again for bringing these issues to the light where they can be appreciated!!”
  • “I heard answers to many issues I have had for years. Nice to know there are others with the same issues and to hear suggestions for working through the issues. Thank you.”

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Updated on January 30, 2020

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