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“From Crushed to Confident: 10 Ways to Help Your Child Soar in School” [podcast episode #190]

Tune in to hear Kirk Martin’s game plan for bolstering your child’s self-esteem at school.

An ADHD student stares down at school supplies on the floor.

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Back-to-school time incites anxiety for many children with ADHD or learning disabilities who struggle to meet others’ expectations for paying attention, sitting still, taking tests, following directions, making new friends, doing homework, and more. These students have tried behavior charts — and walked away with crushed spirits and poor self-esteem. So it’s no surprise that the very thought of another school year, may prompt your child to either melt down or shut down. And you feel helpless as a parent. Here’s how to head into this new school year with a game plan that bolsters everyone’s confidence.

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  • “Very insightful and informative podcast! Kirk is a font of ideas. Thanks so much for lining him up. Much appreciated!”
  • “This was a really helpful podcast both as a parent of a kiddo with ADHD and as an educator. Kirk was a really good speaker and very informed on the topic presented. Thanks so much!”
  • “This was the most informative podcast on ADHD that I have EVER listened to. I was so impressed with Kirk!”

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