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Podcast Episode #310: “Relationship Rehab for ADHD Couples Challenged by the Pandemic” with Melissa Orlov

Tune in to Melissa Orlov share marriage counseling tips if your ADHD relationship was strained by the pandemic and strategies for repairing partnerships after stay-at-home orders lift.

Wedding rings with surgical gloves.
Wedding rings with surgical gloves.

Listen to “Relationship Rehab for ADHD Couples Challenged by the Pandemic” with Melissa Orlov

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COVID-related stress and routine disruptions have caused many adults to feel exhausted and hopeless in their ADHD-impacted relationships. Tried-and-true coping strategies for both partners now seem inadequate. Higher stress leads to more severe ADHD symptoms, and routines that used to provide structure have been cast aside. Right now, you may be asking, “Is this person for me?”

Spending so much time together during the pandemic has led to relationship breakdowns: Many spouses feel disappointed that their partner was not there for them in the way they had hoped. So how do you answer those questions as you slowly move away from the stay-at-home to out-and-about? How do you heal your relationship as you move into the next phase of your lives together?

Listener testimonials:

  • “This was so helpful and informative.  I’d like to see another webinar that expands on this.”
  • “Melissa is just brilliant. I will listen to her every chance I get and wish she was my couples therapist.”
  • “This speaker was excellent: very knowledgeable with very helpful practical information! Thank you!”
  • ” This was a really interesting talk, and the presenter had some wonderful strategies to help both the ADHDer and non-ADHDer in relationships. Awesome webinar!”
  • “Excellent topic, skillfully delivered.  Please have more from this presenter!”

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Updated on November 12, 2020

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