“How to Get More Done with a Lot Less Stress!” [podcast episode #205]

Tune in as Susan Lasky gives you the tools you need to increase your productivity, including how to eliminate common time-wasters and the two magic words for getting more done.

Sticky note on concrete wall, Reduce Stress
Sticky note on concrete wall, Reduce Stress

Listen to “How to Get More Done with a Lot Less Stress!” with Susan Lasky, M.A., BCC, SCAC.

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Do you spend more time worrying about tasks than actually doing them? Do your days slip away without meaningful accomplishment? Do you feel frustrated when a seemingly simple task takes hours or days to finish? You’re not alone.

Everyone occasionally gets stuck in a rut, but for people with ADHD, low productivity is a daily, intense struggle that corrodes self-esteem, relationships, finances, and work. Even relaxation is disturbed by nagging thoughts that we “should” be working on our tasks. To increase productivity, you need more than good intentions; you need these tools.

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