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Listen to “Teaching Executive Functions to Children with ADHD: A Course for Teachers (and Parents)”

Tune in and listen as Karen Huberty, M.Ed., and Maureen Bechard, M.S., offer strategies to teachers and parents for strengthening weak executive functions (EF): disorganized projects, incomplete homework, last-minute cramming, and forgotten chores.

Listen to “Teaching Executive Functions to Children with ADHD: A Course for Teachers (and Parents)” with Karen Huberty, M.Ed., and Maureen Bechard, M.S.

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Most teachers and parents recognize weak executive functions when they see them: disorganized projects, incomplete homework, last-minute cramming for a big test, forgotten or delayed chores. But strategies for strengthening these vital skills are less obvious. Why? First, you must understand how ADHD symptoms affect EFs at school and at home.

The good news is that it can be done. There is an effective multi-step plan for sharpening EFs that has helped many kids with ADHD master these skills. Its steps are clear: identify executive function strengths and weaknesses, advocate for strategies that address the weaknesses, and set up EF-friendly classrooms. Teaching executive functioning skills takes time, practice, and teacher support, but it can be done.

In this episode, learn:

  • The importance of teaching executive function language to all learners
  • How to assist students in identifying their individual executive function strengths and weaknesses
  • How to teach students to advocate for their executive function needs
  • How to design an executive-function friendly classroom
  • How to promote the awareness of mental health conditions that can negatively affect executive functions in a child

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Listener testimonials:

  • “It was a breath of fresh air to hear a teacher say “we would love all your kids”. Someone embracing executive functioning differences as a norm instead of an issue. Thank you for choosing these presenters.”
  • “Experienced, knowledgeable presenters who provided practical skills in a well thought out approach to children and young adults.”
  • “Excellent, actionable information about routines and helping students learn where they struggle, with possible coping mechanisms suggested.”

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Updated on April 14, 2020

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