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“Engaging Career Paths for Teens and Young Adults with ADHD” [podcast episode #268]

Tune in to hear Rick Fiery, M.S., MBA, discuss the different post-high-school options and career paths that can lead to success for teens and young adults with ADHD.

A tourist girl with a backpack looks sights in Munich in Germany. Passes by the triumphal arch.
A tourist girl with a backpack looks sights in Munich in Germany. Passes by the triumphal arch.

Listen to “Engaging Career Paths for Teens and Young Adults with ADHD” with Rick Fiery, M.S., MBA

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ADHD brings enormous strengths on the job — if that job is a good fit. But not all professions are ADHD friendly, and not all employers understand the strengths that ADHD minds bring to the workforce. The fact is, it is not always the responsibility of the employer to change the work environment to match an employee’s abilities and needs. It is your responsibility to help your teen or young adult explore career choices that will lead to success, and choose wisely at a young age.

This may appear a daunting challenge, but if teens and young adults are honest about their strengths — and aware of their weaknesses — they can choose a job or career to maximize their chances of success. The real trick is remaining open to the idea that college is not the best path to success for many students, and exploring all alternatives. From there, it’s a matter of continuously building workplace skills after selecting a career, or strengthening executive functions after deciding to pursue college.

Listener testimonials:

  • “Today’s seminar was outstanding and very helpful as my son prepares to graduate from HS this year. Thank you for the great info!”
  • “Great information! My child is still in elementary school with middle school and high school still out there, but I like the idea of maximizing summer time to find passions!”
  • “Fabulous, thank you for normalizing various routes to careers.”
  • “Bring Rick Fiery back again!! Best advice I’ve ever heard regarding ADHD from a college vs. career slant! Excellent advice and great presenter!”

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