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Listen to “A Parents’ Guide to Social Skills Strategies for Children with ADHD or Autism (or Both)” with Mark Bertin, M.D.

Tune in as Mark Bertin, M.D., guides parents in sorting out what is causing your child’s friendship challenges, and how to best support social skills growth and success.

Child, Multi-Ethnic Group, Smiling, Teamwork, Ethnicity
Child, Multi-Ethnic Group, Smiling, Teamwork, Ethnicity

Listen to “A Parents’ Guide to Social Skills Strategies for Children with ADHD or Autism (or Both)” with Mark Bertin, M.D.

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A mom and her son walk out of the doctor’s office, relieved that the child has received an ADHD diagnosis. Finally, there is an explanation for his attention and emotional struggles at school and at home. Six months later, after taking ADHD medication and seeing mild improvement in some symptoms, they notice that other symptoms have worsened. Another visit with a developmental pediatrician finds, after further testing, that the child also has generalized anxiety disorder. Mom and son throw up their arms.

As it turns out, children (and adults) living with ADHD typically have more going on than ADHD alone. Research suggests that nearly two-thirds have a comorbid condition. From developmental delays to learning disabilities to mental health concerns like mood disorders, these other conditions may be as impactful as ADHD itself. How can we best evaluate and address this all-too-common aspect of ADHD care?

In this episode, learn:

  • How an initial evaluation of ADHD should address the possibility of comorbid conditions
  • How learning disabilities, anxiety, or autistic spectrums disorders mimic ADHD – and how they interact with ADHD
  • The best approach and framework for diagnosing a comorbid condition
  • Which condition should be treated first: ADHD or a comorbid condition
  • When to re-evaluate an ADHD diagnosis for comorbid conditions

Listener testimonials:

  • “Wonderful! Top notch! Thank you so much.”
  • “Today’s speaker was fantastic. You can tell he was both passionate and compassionate. Thank you!”
  • “This topic was so fascinating. As a parent of children with comorbid conditions, as well as a wife and sister, so many things made sense and clicked. I look forward to more like this one. Thank you!”

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Updated on January 31, 2020

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