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When it Comes to Summer Camp, Plan Well in Advance

A great summer camp experience is possible with a little preparation.

Choosing the Best Summer Camp for ADD ADHD Children
Choosing the Best Summer Camp for ADD ADHD Children

Summer plans start e-e-e-a-a-rly! For several years now, we’ve found that camps tend to fill up by December. Keeping your kids active and engaged are the key components.

My best summer tips are to:

  • Give your child something to look forward to by involving his interests. This summer my son is looking forward to a three-week rock-band camp in California.
  • Keep foods simple but healthful, and include occasional treats.
  • A laptop computer that can play DVDs is a lifesaver in the car!
  • Build family traditions over the years. What seems minor now (a special pancake breakfast on the day he leaves for camp, surprise treats or toys from the dollar store hidden in his camp trunk or duffel bag) will become a fond memory in time.

– An ADDitude reader, Sarasota, Florida

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