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Pick and Rip

My daughter with ADHD shreds her clothes to pieces…what’s a mom to do?

Pick and rip. Pick and rip. If there’s a flaw in fabric, Nat will find it. She just can’t leave stuff like that alone.

Nat put on blue jeans yesterday that our neighbor, Julie, gave us. Her daughter, Madeline, wears slims, like Natalie, and she’d outgrown several pairs. The knees on this pair were worn; there was a tiny hole in the left one. But, they were still perfectly good for playing at home on weekends. As fast as Natalie is growing, I’m happy to accept hand-me-downs. Besides, these were really cute!

“Keep your finger out of that hole! You’re going to ruin your jeans!” By lunchtime Nat’s entire knee was exposed — the tiny tear had mysteriously morphed into a gaping hole, and Nat contently covered her exposed skin with tiny flower stickers. A great fashion statement, if she’d only stopped there.

By 3 pm when we changed into swimming suits for a trip to Carr Pool, the whole left pant leg was in shreds — literally from the waistband to the hem at the ankle. From fashion statement to fashion faux paux in under eight hours! I needed that dip in the pool to cool off. The jeans took the plunge into the garbage can.

My friend Lisa’s son, now an adult, has ADHD. I remember her saying that they only bought him inexpensive tennis shoes and clothes, because he ruined them so quickly. So, I’m thinking this is an ADHD thing. As was the incident with the brand new shirt and the scissors… and the scissors and the straps on the backpack…

Any tips to share, moms? If not, I guess my shopping battle cry will have to be: Keep it Cheap!

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