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Children’s Book Review: Phoebe Flower’s Adventures

An adventure series for girls with ADHD.

A young girl avoids summer learning loss by reading in the park during the summer.
Girl reading in the park

Treating ADHD/ADD in Children and Adolescents Solutions for Parents and Clinicians

by Barbara Roberts
Advantage Books, $5.95 each; for ages 6-10
Purchase That’s What Kids Are For (#CommissionsEarned), Phoebe’s Lost Treasure (#CommissionsEarned), Phoebe’s Best Friend (#CommissionsEarned), Phoebe’s Tree House Secrets (#CommissionsEarned), or The Adventures of Phoebe Flower (#CommissionsEarned)

Young girls will relate to Phoebe Flower, an energetic, creative student who struggles in class and has difficulty making friends.

In That’s What Kids Are For, she — like so many girls — is never diagnosed with ADHD. Phoebe learns the hard way that choices have consequences, but also that risk-taking offers rewards. The series follows her on her journey through diagnosis and treatment, and sheds light on what it’s like to be a young girl with ADHD.

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