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Phoebe Flower’s Adventures

An adventure series for girls with ADHD.

A young girl avoids summer learning loss by reading in the park during the summer.
Girl reading in the park

by Barbara Roberts
Advantage Books, $5.95 each; for ages 6-10
Purchase That’s What Kids Are For, Phoebe’s Lost Treasure, Phoebe’s Best Friend or Phoebe’s Tree House Secrets

Young girls will relate to Phoebe Flower, an energetic, creative student who struggles in class and has difficulty making friends.

In That’s What Kids Are For, she — like so many girls — is never diagnosed with ADHD. Phoebe learns the hard way that choices have consequences, but also that risk-taking offers rewards. The series follows her on her journey through diagnosis and treatment, and sheds light on what it’s like to be a young girl with ADHD.

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