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Penalized Despite ADHD Accommodations

“Teachers at my son’s school sometimes refuse to accept late homework, and when they do, they take off points. We have a 504 Plan that allows my son extra time on lengthy assignments and homework, but teachers say they ‘interpret’ that accommodation differently than I do. What can I do?”

You have two options. You could complain to school administrators
about your son’s teachers not following the existing 504 Plan. Or, since there is already a
dispute about some of the accommodations in the plan, you should probably ask for a meeting to clarify the services
and the reasons why teachers are interpreting them differently than you.

I recommend that you have your son’s psychologist attend the meeting, or, if he can’t, have him provide a detailed letter explaining why teachers should accept late homework without penalizing your son. He should also give reasons why not following the specific accommodation is hurting your son’s performance in school.

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