Camp Checklist: What to Ask Before Registering for Summer Camp

12 questions every parent should ask a potential summer camp before registering their ADHD child.

Kayaking is a great summer camp activity
Kayaking is a great summer camp activity

1. Will the director meet with your child before camp starts? (If not, you should find another camp!)

2. What does the camp director know about your camper’s disability? How will his disability be accommodated?

3. What other types of disabilities are represented at the camp?

4. How many campers attend, and what is the staff-to-camper ratio? (The lower, the better.)

5. What are the ages of the counselors? What training do they have?

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6. Who dispenses ADHD medication? When? Where? Are doctors on staff?

7. How do the camp counselors handle discipline?

8. Is there a social skills program? What does it consist of?

9. How does the camp deal with food allergies and food preferences?

10. Is academic tutoring available? Is it individualized? Who decides what is taught? Is there an extra fee for tutoring?

11. Do counselors set goals for campers? How is progress tracked and rewarded? Do parents receive a report when the child goes home?

12. How can parents communicate with the counselors and the camp director by e-mail, by phone?

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