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“The Thing I Love Most About My Child with ADHD is…”

Those positive ADHD traits the rest of the world loves and envies.

A young girl with ADHD demonstrates her goofy sense of humor, one of many positive ADHD traits we love.
A young girl with ADHD demonstrates her goofy sense of humor, one of many positive ADHD traits we love.

ADDitude gave the prompt, “The traits I love most in my child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) are…”

Readers share their touching responses about the best ADHD traits below:

“His generosity and his desire to please those he cares about. He is so protective of his younger sister.” -Barbara, Virginia

“His passion, even if it means we butt heads about our opinions of the world. When he feels strongly about a subject, he’ll find out everything he can about it, and will fiercely debate his point of view.” -Angel, South Africa

“His love for me, as well as his creativity and passion for problem-solving.” -Bonnie, California

“His selflessness. He’d give you the shirt off of his back, or the only treat in his lunch bag, to see you smile.” -Cathy, Illinois

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His intelligence and imagination — and the way he asks questions about things, even if he drives me nuts. -Leslie, Indiana

“The way one of her beautiful smiles or silly jokes makes me happy, no matter what is going on in our life.” -Denis, Canada

“When she lets loose and becomes herself — happy, playful, creative — instead of being a frightened child, waiting to be scolded for doing something wrong again. This happens most when she is out in nature, where there are no rules.” -Debbie, California

“His transparency and innocence, even at 20. He is an open book with his emotions.” -Donna, France

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“His heart of gold. He cares about others who are less fortunate. Others rarely see this side of him at school, because everyone focuses on behavior problems and his academic failures.” -Kristine, Michigan

“Just one thing? I can’t limit myself to that. She’s spunky, trusting, assertive, optimistic, and so on and so on.” -Lorelei, Canada

“Their ability to surprise my husband and me. They may seem clueless about life in one instant, and then come up with unique observations about the world.” -An ADDitude Reader

“His passion for details. He will describe a beautiful flower we just passed on a walk or point out a lovely sunrise. He’ll even say to his father, ‘Wow! Look at Mom’s new shoes!'” -Heather, St. Maarten

“His sense of adventure and his sense of humor. He is always willing to try something new and have fun while doing it. Watching a seven-year-old try rock climbing, while laughing hysterically, halfway up the wall, has taught me a lot about how to live.” -Laural, Ontario

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