Talking About ADHD

Our World: “I’d love to slow down my life and…”

As an adult with attention deficit (ADHD), if you had the chance to slow down the pace of your life, what would you do? Would you travel, spend more time with your family — or would you even want to slow down, given the choice?

Man with ADHD walking through crowded city street
Man with ADHD walking through crowded city street

ADDitude gave the prompt, “I’d love to slow down my life and…” Some readers with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) answered that they’d slow down to spend more time with friends and family, traveling, and exercising — and some said they wouldn’t slow down at all!

“Plant a vegetable garden, home-school my children, take up a hobby, finish projects around the house, set spiritual goals. And that’s just off the top of my head.” —Adrienne, Florida

“Start an ADHD support group in my town, or find one that is already running and help with it.” —Ana, North Carolina

“Why slow down? If I could ‘change’ my life, I would love to explore another country for a few years. I’d also love to ‘flip’ houses for a living. There’s so much to do!” —An ADDitude Reader

Work out more and take up hobbies. I had to fight to educate myself, get a job, and organize my home — at the expense of my fitness and personal interests.” —Dannel, Maryland

“Sail around the world to visit my kids and grandkids. Of course, that would depend on having not just unlimited time but unlimited money, too.” —Cassie, Connecticut

“Go to heaven and ask God why my child had to have ADHD. At times, I am not strong enough to raise him.” —An ADDitude Reader

“Start a psychotherapy practice specializing in ADHD and write a book on the topic.” -Paula, Massachusetts

“Learn to play the piano, and make a five-year plan for my life.” —Julie, Georgia

“Spend more quality time with my kids. I am self-employed, I work from home, and I have ADHD. Even though we are always together, we don’t always connect in a loving way.” —Dawn, Florida

“Pursue my dreams of becoming a recording artist and singing at the Grand Ole Opry!”Deborah, Tennessee

Sleep for a month to recharge from my daily grind. Then travel until I find a place where my personality quirks don’t isolate me.” —An ADDitude Reader

“Go on a cross-country camping trip with my family.”An ADDitude Reader

“I like living at high speed. I am making a bucket list of things I want to do, to focus my energy to achieve something positive. One item on the list is to make people more aware of ADHD.” —Rachel, United Kingdom

“Open a school for teens with ADHD.”Lisa Joy, North Carolina

“Find time every day to forgive my kids and to forgive myself for overreacting to them.”Sarah, New Jersey