Our Children: AD/HD or “Indigo”

“I am an MSW and Business and Personal coach interested in helping children and families with ADD/ADHD. I recently read the book ~Indigo Children~. The experts in this book spoke of their experience with children with ADD/ADHD and how they believe that many of these children are misdiagnosed and that they are actually more advanced and gifted with a higher consciousness. Their struggles ensue when their environments do not meet their needs including the need to be given and demanded respect, to be given options, to talk to them like adults, to respect and encourage the use of their gifts, their need for integrity and honesty in the actions of adults, etc. When these needs are met including Montessori and Waldorff schools, they adapt well and can thrive without medication. What has your experience shown in relation to the idea of the ~Indigo Children~ – does it fit for you? If so, how? If not, why? Have you spoken or worked with any of the experts in this book?”

I am not familiar with this book. However, I don’t buy into the idea expressed. My own son was in a Montessori school without success as are a number of my clients. The research also indicates that having ADHD does not make you any brighter or more intelligent or that more bright people have ADHD. Even when treated with respect and given options, the difficulties with inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity still continue.

Although it is never bad to encourage treating people with respect, giving options and using their gifts, this seems very much like a fringe idea which goes against the research in the field if it is presented in the manner indicated.