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What’s Your Bag?

I store loads of stuff in bags, forget what’s in there, only to be surprised when I finally look inside.

If you are anything like me, you have bags—bags of stuff, bags of everything. Bags of things you didn’t remember you owned. Bags of things you used for a hike last year. Bags of food containers that may or may not have mold inside. Bags with random, assorted life accessories scattered along the bottom of them.

As I go through my house lately, cleaning up clutter piles, the “bag” theme has made itself clear.

I understand how it happens. I don’t seem to be able to totally prevent it from happening—yet. I get bored with the bag I’m currently using and switch to a new one. I’m usually in a hurry when I do this, so I just grab the essentials out of the first bag and toss them into the second one. I may organize the “new” bag when I reach my destination, or some time later in the day. But I never seem to revisit the abandoned bag. The abandoned bag sits there until I notice it months later, and there’s no guarantee that I’ll go through it then, to see what’s in it, either.

The other usual reason for my abandoned bags is that when I come home from an activity, I don’t empty out my activity bag.

Life sure involves a lot of steps, and this clearing out of bags is one that I never thought about, until very recently.

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This morning, I did some household cleaning before I left for work. As I was vacuuming the dining and living room, I “noticed” the bags in each room. Having noticed them, I was able to come up with a plan: I grabbed the four bags in the living room, and I put them in a pile, in the dining room, with the bag that was just sitting in there. Voila! Now they are officially one de-cluttering project that I can schedule for removal, instead of five separate bags, sitting in lumpy piles for no reason.

I won’t have time to clean them out this weekend, but I will have time to do it next week, so I’m calendaring them for emptying on Wednesday of next week. If I get it done before then, great. If not, I know what I’m doing on Wednesday morning.

Can’t wait to see what’s in those bags! They’re time capsules of forgotten treasures!

And, of course, now that I have thought my way through this bag issue, I have to memorialize for myself that when I bring a bag of stuff into the house, I immediately need to empty it and sort the contents. To retrain my habit, I’ll probably put a big note to myself in the spot in the living room where I’m most likely to dump bags, one that says, “Empty bag! No dumping!”

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  1. I am grateful I just got a chance to read
    your article. This is something I have always done. My bags might sit there for a couple days but it is more likely to sit there for much longer. Years might go by before I realize it. And I think to myself, time just goes by too fast but the reality is, I need to take control of my actions and what I do. It’s important because I see my son picking up on some of my bad habits and that is heartbreaking. I always wonder why I can’t be the super organized mom that has it all together. Things seem so effortless for them. But I know things aren’t always as they seem. I know I don’t need to compare myself to others, and I really don’t think I do anymore. I had to stop and really think about that last part. Idk if that is 100% true. I think it might be something that happens to some extent without even realizing it. But for the most part, I know I don’t want to compare myself to others. Nothing positive comes from that plus I love being my unique self. I love seeing how different people are. Nothing quite shines like someone comfortable in their own skin and letting their true self shine. Now being inspired by someone is something different. I get inspired by people all the time. I need to compare myself to myself and were I was. I need to see how much I can grow and what I need to do to get myself there. I need a plan about picking up my damn bags and putting my stuff away~lol sorry I started rambling there. ☆⌒(*^∇゜)

  2. Hahaha! So I call bags “cloaking devices” because if I put something in an opaque bag, bit disappears!
    I have taken to only using clear baggies. Ziplock makes them in 1-1/2 gal & 2 gallon. That way I actually see the stuff inside & know what it is. I reuse them many times.

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