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Online Tests for ADHD: Are They Helpful?

“How helpful are online tests in diagnosing ADHD? I took an online test, and it indicated I might have the condition? What should I do now?”

Online tests can be helpful for individuals who wonder if they should see a professional to be assessed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Only a mental health specialist or a doctor can diagnose ADHD.

In addition to having symptoms of ADHD, such as a fluctuating attention span, impulsivity, and hyperactivity, it is important to rule out problems that have similar symptoms to ADD/ADHD or to diagnose other comorbid conditions that coexist with it — learning disabilities, anxiety, mood disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), for instance. Diagnosing ADHD is often complicated and time-intensive.

If the online test did not indicate that you probably have ADHD, it would still be a good idea to speak to a professional. If you were concerned enough to take the test, it would be beneficial to better understand your challenges and to get strategies to help.

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