On Your Own

A guide for college-bound teens with ADHD/LD.

By Patricia O. Quinn, M.D., and Theresa E. Laurie Maitland, Ph.D. (Magination Press)

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There is no shortage of books for parents on how to help their child get ready for college. This straight-to-the-point volume, however, is aimed at the student taking the classes, living on campus, and juggling finals. On Your Own does a great job of distinguishing the demands of high school and college-and offers ways to bridge the gap. Quinn and Maitland are ultra-practical: They ask college-bound readers to complete checklists, develop goals, create an action plan, and come up with a system that will help them track their progress. In other words, they give high school seniors a recipe for success. This is a wonderful resource to give to incoming freshmen in your life.