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Fishing for Tasty Omega 3s: Fish Oil Supplements Tested by Kids

Which fish oil products for kids taste best? These omega-3 supplements have been taste-tested – and approved – by ADDitude’s panel of children with ADHD. Learn more about how this supplement can help symptoms of ADD.

Mother placing fish oil pill in ADHD daughter's mouth in kitchen
Mother placing fish oil pill in ADHD daughter's mouth in kitchen

Several studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids improve focus and concentration in kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD). When it comes to taste — especially the taste of fish oil  (a common source of omega-3s), children can be choosy. So ADDitude asked three kids with ADHD — Natalie (age 10), Harry (10), and Katie (7) — to try several popular omega-3 products.

Although none of the fish oil products caused the dreaded fish burp — a deal-breaker for adults and kids alike — some of them needed to be hidden in other foods to get past our tasters’ picky palates. Here are the results, along with some frank comments from our panel.

Top 5 Fish Oils for Kids

#1. Omega 3: Carlson for Kids (#CommissionsEarned) (lemon flavor)

Benefits: Made from cold-water fish caught in Norwegian waters; bottled in Norway to ensure maximum freshness
Serving: 800 mg of omega-3s/ 1/2-teaspoon serving
Comments: Our testers preferred it mixed with a favorite food. Harry has his mixed in chocolate milk. Try it in a spoonful of lemon yogurt.

#2. Omega 3: Coromega Kids Omega3 Squeeze (#CommissionsEarned) (orange flavor)

Benefits: Portable, single-dose packets; clinically proven to deliver 300 percent better absorption than softgels
Serving: 284 mg of omega-3s/2.5-g packet
Comments: Our tasters weren’t thrilled with taking it straight. Mixing it in a smoothie or yogurt helped a lot.

#3. Omega 3: Barlean’s Kid’s Omega Swirl (#CommissionsEarned)(lemonade flavor)

Benefits: Nine times more absorbable than regular fish oil; has the taste and texture of a smoothie
Serving: 720 mg of omega-3s/2-teaspoon serving
Comments: All three kids liked it straight. Says Harry: “Double thumbs up.” Says Natalie: “Mmm, ahh, yummy. I could drink it all down.”

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#4. Omega 3: SaviSeed (#CommissionsEarned)

Benefits: Super-seeds from the rainforests of Peru; richest source of omega-3s, 13 times as much per serving as wild salmon
Serving: 7 g of omega-3s/ 1-ounce serving
Comments: All three testers liked the taste at first, but were less pleased when the chocolate coating gave way to the earthy taste of the seed inside. Try having kids wash it down with chocolate milk.

#5. Omega 3: Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Effervescent (#CommissionsEarned) (orange flavor)

Benefits: Fun to drink as the powder creates fizzy bubbles when dissolved in water; convenient single-serving packets; added vitamin D3
Serving: 670 mg of omega-3s/9.7-g packet
Comments: One of the three testers went for this one. Natalie: “Mmm. That’s good!” Instead of water, try mixing it in lemonade or orange juice.

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