No Motivation for ACT and SAT

My 16-year-old is less interested in school than in sports and his part-time job. He has a lot of tests coming up, including the ACTs and SATs. What can I do get him motivated to focus on these?

Maybe your son is avoiding the tests because the idea of going to college is overwhelming him, or perhaps he doesn’t trust his study skills. I recommend that you ask your son these questions:

> What are your thoughts about going to college? What excites you and what are your concerns? (Do this without inserting your own expectations into the conversation.)
> What is it about taking the ACTs and SATs that stops you in your tracks?
> Are you confident in your study skills in preparing for the ACTs and SATs?
> How might I support you in getting started with studying? The answer could be anything from “leave me alone” to “get me a tutor.” The point is to show your support and listen to what your son says he needs.
> Could you use your athletic skills to move forward with your test prep?