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No More “I Forgot”

The “I forgot” excuse is one of the oldest in the book, but for students with ADHD it’s often the truth. Help your students stay on track with these 9 tips.

Stop being blinded by excuses
Stop being blinded by excuses

Teens forget things. Teens with ADHD forget things more often. You may think they are lazy or have a bad attitude, but all of those “I forgots” are a symptom of the disorder. Teachers shouldn’t punish a child for, say, forgetting to hand in homework, but should help him find solutions instead. Below are common problems, along with solutions. If a student:

Forgets to write down homework assignments

> Ask another student to check to see that his assignments are written down.

> Allow him to dictate assignments into a digital recorder, record them in his cell phone or computer, or use his own reminder system — filling out an index card that he sticks in the back pocket of his jeans.

Forgets to bring home the correct assignments and books

> Tape a checklist on the locker that reminds him to take home things he repeatedly forgets.

> Have him write a reminder note in the palm of his hand.

Forgets to return homework, tests, and permission slips to school

> Establish a routine: papers or weekly reports are always sent home on Fridays.

> Notify parents that papers will be sent home regularly.

Forgets to put his name on papers

> Tape a small cue card on his desk that states what to do: 1) write name on paper, 2) turn in homework.

> Give the student stick-on name labels.

> Have row captains check for names on all papers that are handed in.

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