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9 More Tips for Chilling Out

Always losing your temper? You’re not alone. Here’s how ADHD adults can improve their anger problems and impulsivity.

  1. Decide how long you will allow yourself to feel angry before you move on (five minutes is reasonable). Stewing for long periods only intensifies your anger.
  2. Exercise your anger away. When you find your temper building, take a brisk walk-or go into another room and do jumping jacks.
  3. Take an inspirational “time out” to read a favorite quote, a daily meditation, or a poem that is comforting. This has helped me cool down on many occasions.
  4. Count to 10. It actually works.
  5. Remove yourself from the situation — retire to the bathroom and throw cold water on your face.
  6. Write down how you feel and, equally important, why you feel that way.
  7. Throw back your shoulders, smile, stretch, or stand erect. Changing your posture can help change your mood.
  8. Acknowledge your anger openly by talking with a nonjudgmental friend or coworker who is a good listener.
  9. Learn to self-advocate. Speak up for yourself when someone mistreats you. You will be less likely to feel manipulated by others-a source of anger and defensiveness for many with ADHD.

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