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6 Natural Supplements to Manage Symptoms

Alternative remedies — including nutrition, exercise, supplements, and herbs — can be an important part of a treatment plan. Watch this video to learn more about six important natural supplements.

Medication can make a difference for many adults and children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), but it doesn’t eliminate symptoms for everyone. Natural treatments — including exercise, supplements, and herbs — can bolster a treatment plan.

Watch this video to learn the top six natural supplements for ADHD, and how they can help manage symptoms.

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6 Natural Supplements for ADHD

ADHD experts recommend eating fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, and lean protein.

And even then, our bodies may need additional nutrients best delivered via supplements.

These vitamins and minerals are the most popular for mitigating ADHD symptoms.

1. Omega-3s

The fatty acids found in cold-water fish like sardines and salmon that may help to improve:

  • Behavior
  • Cognitive skills
  • Focus

Studies suggest that ADHD-optimized doses are roughly 40 percent as effective as stimulant medication.

2. Zinc

These supplements may reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity. Low levels of zinc also correlate with inattention.

High levels of zinc may be dangerous, so consult with your doctor before taking.

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3. Iron

Some experts believe that iron deficiencies may contribute to ADHD symptoms, and that a supplement may improve behavior.

Check with your doctor. High iron levels may be dangerous.

4. Magnesium

Healthy levels of magnesium in the blood can help relax individuals with ADHD, and calm a busy brain.

5. Vitamin C

“Vitamin C is important in modulating the neurotransmitter dopamine at the synapses in the brain.” – Dr. Ned Hallowell

Don’t take vitamin C within an hour of taking ADHD meds.

6. Melatonin

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced in our bodies that promotes sleep.

This supplement can help calm racing brains that don’t get sleepy on their own.

Just remember…

  • “All natural” is not synonymous with “safe.”
  • Talk with your doctor before taking or administering any supplements.
  • No substantial research exists to determine the recommended daily dose of most supplements.
  • Pay attention to your body and adjust if you notice something is wrong.