My Son Daydreams at School

“My son cannot stay focused on his tasks. He ‘daydreams’ in school and at home. He is bright — or at least we thought so. He is dreaming through school and not producing. He is in the 5th grade.”

You do not mention if your son has been diagnosed with any particular problem. Day dreaming could be a sign of possible ADHD or it could be caused by something else.

Ask the teacher for his or her observations of your child. Look within family — have their been any changes at home or with friends that might cause your son to change normal patterns? Rule out any physical problems (ear infections, allergy, etc) that may also cause a daydream-like affect.

Talk to your son about what he is experiencing. If all of your questions come up with no reason for day dreaming you may want to ask school psychologist to observe and see what he/she feels is going on.