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“My Proudest Moment as an Adult With ADHD Was…”

We asked “What was your proudest moment as an adult with ADHD (or the parent of a child with ADHD)?” Here are some of our favorites.

An adult with ADHD gives a thumbs up after washing the dishes and cleaning the house
An adult with ADHD gives a thumbs up after washing the dishes and cleaning the house

> I am an RN on a busy hospital floor, and I was so proud when I received compliments about my patient care and empathy. When I’m at work, I’m able to focus my thoughts and ADHD energy on my patients, so my “disability” allows me to give better care.
—Amara T., Indiana

> Accepting and learning to laugh about the way my mind works, and being able to share my ADHD journey with my kids. They beam when they teach me to look at something “using my ADHD goggles.”
—Amy, Australia

> I had a couple of moments last year when I was overwhelmed and stressed. I recognized my feelings and chose to let something go instead of beating myself up about it. I consider those victories.
—Barbara Ives, Arlington, Massachusetts

> Getting all A’s in grad school, after struggling in high school and being on probation during my undergrad years.
—Heather, Iowa

> When our son is calm and grounded enough to show concern for someone else, from the heart.
—Jamie, Colorado

> When my son found a book series that he liked, and, as a result, his reading grades skyrocketed. Reading on a Kindle proved to him that he could read well, and his self-confidence improved.
—Diane, Peoria, Illinois

> My proudest moments were running the elementary school’s Fall Festival and, when things went wrong, staying calm. That would have never happened before taking medication. I remember stopping for a moment that night and thinking to myself, “Wow. I’ve really got this. I’m doing a good job.” It was amazing.
—Beth Eiteljorge, Terre Haute, Indiana

> My proudest moment was finishing the first two essays assigned by my teacher after I started taking medication.
—Hannah Adam, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

> When I learned to embrace who I am, ADHD and all. Being diagnosed with the condition isn’t something to hide. It’s something to be proud of. I am a stronger person because of my ADHD.
—Leah, Atco, New Jersey

> Being sober for three years, maintaining my relationship with my two amazing children, and growing as a person.
—Jess, Los Angeles, California

> Writing a business plan for a company I want to start. I would like to give advice on nutritional and herbal treatments for adults with ADHD.
—Jeanne Papish, Phoenix, Arizona

> After nearly two decades of switching majors and getting horrible grades, I earned my bachelor’s degree with a 4.0 in my program, while working full-time.
—Kate, Ohio

> Whenever I stop and evaluate a situation instead of overreacting to it. In those moments, I know what it’s like to be normal.
—Kathleen Rose, Cleveland, Ohio

> Being able to have a relationship with my mother.
—Nicole Kotrick, Warner Robins, Georgia

Updated on March 23, 2017

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