ADHD at Work

My Employer Is Asking About My ADHD

“My new employers want an update on my condition, but I’m not in touch with the doctor who diagnosed me years ago. Do I have to get tested again?”

If you were diagnosed in 1997, and you have not found a medication that helps with symptoms, it would make sense for you to find a new doctor and discuss various treatment plans. This may or may not include medication.

The only reason you could be “required” to get new testing is if a licensing or testing board required it. The diagnosis of ADHD is based on a skilled practitioner sitting down with you and taking your history. Additional testing might clear up whether you also have a learning disability, but it is never essential, unless required by some agency.

The key for you is to get the help you need, so you can learn your new job. Look around in your area for a specialist who has experience diagnosing and treating ADHD, then get the help you need — and have needed since 1997. This is a chance for you to make a fresh start.