Learning Challenges

My Child Doesn’t Read Enough

My nine-year-old loves books and stories, but hates to read at home. His occupational therapist found some visual perception challenges. What can I do?

I would rely on the expertise of the OT and make sure there are no visual or physical problems. The OT should rule out dyslexia and reading issues. Here are some other ideas to try at home:

> Do not put pressure on your child to read. You want reading to be something he enjoys, so seek out books on topics that he likes.
> Read to him and ask him to read the end of the story, or a part he likes, to you.
> Have him read short stories, rhymes, or something fun, like comic books.
> Play games that require reading of cards or clues. Have him read the recipe as you make a dish he likes.
> Continue to work with the professionals you feel are helping him.