My Brilliant Buds

These gifted superachievers prove that attention deficit doesn’t have to hold you back. Really.

Superachivers like this man with sunglasses
Superachivers like this man with sunglasses

People with ADHD are high on my list of productive, remarkable, and driven souls. I bet you think I’m going to say that ADHD is a gift. Nothing of the sort. I am pointing out that ADHD in itself does not doom you to failure.

I’m on this topic because one of my ADHD friends announced on Facebook that she was taking nominees for her Overachiever of the Year award. And the nominees list was interesting. My husband and I were among them, but so were other ADHD people. Our friend Susan ended up winning it. Susan started a nonprofit, organized a benefit concert, tried her hand at needlepoint, baked dulce de leche cupcakes, and researched medieval history. Yes, she has ADHD — and she doesn’t hide it.

My friend who created the award has lived nine lives already. She’s a gifted fiber artist and sheep breeder, and is a game designer by profession. These “superstars” are not successful because they have ADHD. They are successful because they have found kick-ass ways to manage their unique, raging minds.

I think about ADHD and “what it means,” but the fact of it does not change. What can change is the way I approach my life. I do it in a way that allows me to explore my drives and to be inspired by the brilliant ADHD people I surround myself with.