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My ADHD Support Network Grows

This morning, I met another ADDitude subscriber and mom to an ADHD kid — one of Ames’ very best teachers! Turns out she’s one of us.

My fall issue of ADDitude arrived in yesterday’s mail. I had no idea that, as I paged through it last night, another mom, just a few blocks away, was doing the same.

When I dropped Natalie off at summer school this morning (2 days and counting!), I ran into one of Ames’ not just acceptable, but really good teachers that I mentioned in a previous post.

“I saw your name in ADDitude last night,” she said. “I didn’t know you wrote for them.”

“I didn’t know you subscribed,” I said. “Do you subscribe because you’re a teacher?”

She subscribes because she’s one of us! She has a child with ADHD. And she relies on the information she gets from ADDitude magazine and She shared with me a dilemma her child had at school, and how she figured out how it related to his ADHD and what to do about it, by turning to ADDitude.

“The school subscribes, too. I’m going to write an article for the staff newsletter about what a good resources both the magazine and website are,” she said.

“Mention that the public library has it too!” I added. The more copies in teachers’ hands the better, I thought.

I have a message for every teacher who takes the time; who cares enough to learn more about ADHD and learning disabilities: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I don’t know what makes me happier: being reassured that our teachers care, or finding another local mom that I know and respect that I feel like I can turn to for support and advice. Learning both sure made for a great morning!

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