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My ADHD Story: Love Notes

An adventurous, attention deficit son writes his way into his parents’ hearts.

Hand Drawn Valentine Heart

The family was at home Friday night. We were doing our separate things just before the kids’ bedtime. My daughter, Emma, was on the Internet. I was on the computer. Daddy was puttering around the house. My son with ADHD, Luke, was not doing his usual Lego-building, though. He was writing.

Luke loves to fill the walls with whatever he is fixed on at the moment. Sometimes it’s Hot Wheels cars or Star Wars characters he’s printed from the Internet. Many times it is notes telling us how he is feeling. This time, he was making a path with green slips of paper, a trail of crumbs of sorts. One path for me and one for Daddy.

Luke got my attention first. I followed the arrows on the notes that led me to his closet. The note on the closet door read, “Bingo” — written clear as day. As I opened the door, I saw a beautiful note: “I love mom.”

Then it was Daddy’s turn. My heart melted. Because I spend the most time with Luke these days — my career has slowed down with the recession — he often forgets to include Daddy in his adventures. Daddy needed more guidance to get to Luke’s closet, but he arrived. Bingo!

I’ve said it on my blog ( Luke is a genuine soul. He is proud of it, and it is the quality we cherish most about him.

Although Mother’s and Father’s Days have long passed, Luke gave us a gift that will last until next year’s special days. He is a blessing, attention deficit disorder and all.