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My ADDitude Life

ADDitude Magazine and ADHD are part of my daily life as a writer and a mother of a child with attention deficit disorder.

ADDs and Ends: Three Unrelated Stories Related to ADHD and ADDitude


Aaron, my sixth grader, has always been good at spelling. He hardly ever misses a word on a spelling test. In fact, I think he’s only missed one word this entire year: attitude. He spelled it like this: ADDitude! What a smart boy!


I was looking through the new books in the youth area at the library where I work last week.

“Oooh! A new book about succeeding in school with ADHD!” I said.

Tracy, one of my ever-helpful colleagues, responded. “We have a magazine about ADHD. Did you know that? Tons of parents read it.”

Hmmm, I think I may have heard of it…


We cleaned out our garage last weekend and uncovered the drum set Nat received-and promptly destroyed — last Christmas. I described the incident in a post: Tales of Destruction.

I ended the post by asking: “What’s the most expensive item your child with ADHD has destroyed within 24 hours?” Seeing the drum set again prompted me to go back and read the comments that have been added by readers.
You have to read these parents’ stories!

The winner had a tale of $3000 in damage to a brand new 2008 Nissan Pathfinder. I sincerely hope no one can beat that! I’m afraid to ask…can you?