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MotivAider: ADHD Product Review

Can this gadget help those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) stay focused and motivated?

Product Information: MotivAider (; $59.50)

Reviewer: Kay Marner, mom of Natalie, 9

The MotivAider is an unobtrusive electronic device (it looks like a pager) that vibrates gently either at set or random intervals. Clipped to a waistband or pocket, it provides the user with a tactile reminder to repeat a predetermined message to herself or himself. Developed to help adults kick unwanted habits, such as nail-biting, MotivAider is also effective in helping kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) maintain focus at home or in the classroom.

Natalie immediately came up with a strategy for testing her new MotivAider. “I’ll use it to remember to be safe when riding my bike and scooter!” she said. We talked through the message she would give herself (“Stay aware of cars!”), and off she ran to try it. Judging by the frequency with which Natalie yelled, “Safety first!” as she ran out the door this summer, I suspect it worked. This fall, Natalie and I will be using MotivAider’s “helper method” during homework sessions. We’ll wear units that are synchronized to vibrate together, so that I can facilitate her use of the gadget.

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