How to Prioritize

Mom’s Action Plan

When moms with ADHD decide to go back to school, they need help from the entire family to ensure everyone’s needs are met during school and study hours.

Get your ducks in a line for back to school
Get your ducks in a line for back to school

Are you an adult with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) heading back to school? Life at home may get a little chaotic when you’re not around as much. And you should expect home life to intrude on your study time.

Here are ways to minimize the stress on everyone.

For all:

1. Post your schedule, including study time, on a family calendar, so everyone knows when you’re free — and when you’re not.

2. Discuss changing roles and expectations with family members, especially your significant other. Redistribute household chores, such as laundry, meal prep, and cleaning.

3. Arrange for carpools and after-school child care, if needed.

For you:

1. Remove yourself from the home environment to study.

2. Sleep eight hours each night, if possible, and exercise regularly to decrease stress.

3. Consider seeing a therapist for support outside the family. Stepping back from your role as caretaker may be more challenging than schoolwork. A therapist can help you make the transition.

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