Guest Blogs

“Wanting It All”

Decided to give the meds a rest today, I deserve it and I can save $3 that way.

I’ve calculated that’s the cost of an Adderall pill and a touch of Lexapro per day, as expensive as a Starbucks coffee. I always feel a little funny now when I consciously decide I’m not going to take the meds. I didn’t feel any different, in fact I felt a little sunnier than I usually do, I grinned and giggled after the third swim class. The first two were a wreck, nine students, three or have a fear of water, three who can dog paddle, and three who can swim. How does one person juggle three classes in one?

Lucky me that the swim school is nice enough to give me a co-instructor, a young Russian man who is as cool as a cucumber. There is success now in working with a co-instructor, I can actually handle the class, I trust the Russian guy too although he has an evil twinkle in his eye. In MK Flynn fashion I told him, okay buster, we’re splitting up the class and you’re going to teach the two beginners. He was like sure whatever, I’m flexible, I go with the flow.

Afterwards took a quick swim with Richard the perverted 50-plus-year-old who clearly likes me, but he’s got a girlfriend, it’s sick with these guys – they want it all, a little like me.