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Book Review: Many Ways to Learn: A Kid’s Guide to LD

School tips, tools, and techniques for teen and tween students who have learning disabilities.

by Judith M. Stern, M.A., And Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D.
Magination Press, $14.95
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In this second, expanded edition of Many Ways to Learn, Judith Stern and Uzi Ben-Ami employ a mountain-climbing metaphor to explain learning disabilities to children ages eight to 13. Using language that’s just right for the intended audience, the authors provide a comprehensive overview of life with LD. They describe various types of LD; give tips for dealing with LD in school, at home, and in other arenas; and explain how professionals, school staff, family, and friends can help.

The book is packed with specific strategies, such as the following: When doing math, use graph paper to keep numbers lined up in straight columns; and when writing, use webs to organize each paragraph. The tone is positive and encouraging, focusing on the readers’ strengths. The layout is clean, colorful, and attractive, with well-organized content. This is a great new resource for tweens with LD, as well as their teachers and parents.