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Lost (and Found) Keys: 15 Reader Solutions

From religiously keeping keys in one place (at eye level!) to using brilliant GPS and tracking apps, here’s how ADDitude readers avoid losing their keys.

Lost car keys on the ground with a car (blurred) in the background

Is there anything worse than lost keys? You just had them, you know where they should be, and now you’re wasting time checking every pocket and crevice in the house.

Misplacing these and other small, daily essentials is an all-too-familiar and-frustrating occurrence for many individuals with ADHD, some of whom have devised truly creative solutions and strategies to avoid losing keys — or at least make it easier to find them when they go missing.

ADDitude recently asked readers: What is your best strategy for keeping track of your keys? From simply keeping them in one place to using tracking apps, read on for ADHD-friendly key tips.

How to Avoid Lost Keys

1. “I attach a Tile to both sets of keys, and, just in case, I carry a spare car key and house key in my wallet.” – Kiki, Maryland

2. “I put my keys on a big, colorful keychain and hang them on a storage hook, at eye level, by the front door. They go on the hook after arriving home.” –Michelle, Kansas

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3. “I push a button to start my car, so I leave my keys in my purse. If I have my purse, I have my keys.” – Lee Anne, Alabama

4. “I clip my keys to my belt loop.” – Suzanne, Oregon

5. “When it’s cold here in Kansas City, the best way to not lose my keys is to tuck them into one of my glove’s fingers as I’m wearing them. That way, my finger touches the keys and reminds me that I still have them.” – Laura, Kansas

6. “I put my keys directly into a bowl every time I come inside the house. When I leave the house I say out loud, “Keys, phone, wallet,” and make sure I’m touching all of them when I say it. At work, my keys stay either inside my coat pocket (zipped shut) or in the outside pocket of my bag. When I leave my car and I’m locking it, I make sure that I’m touching or holding onto the keys in my hand/looking at them in my hand.” – Rosie, Michigan

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7. “They are clipped to a metal ring inside my purse, so they hang just below the zipper. I never need to take them out of my purse and can actually unlock the car easily with them still hooked inside.” – An ADDitude Reader

8. “Vyvanse. Since discovering this gem, life has changed for the better. Unfortunately, it took me many years to discover it and, until then, I lost my keys every day of my life.” – Dasos, England

9. “My keys are attached to a leash inside my purse.” – Robyn, California

10. “I have a phone case that’s a wallet and has a detachable wrist strap, so I put my keys on there. Phone, wallet, and keys all in one place!– Amanda, Ohio

11. “I drive a Tesla. My phone is my key. I keep my phone in the same place as much as possible, but I sometimes have to look for it!” – An ADDitude Reader

12. “On entering my home, I must have complete silence – no talking on the phone or with someone, no distractions, no surprises – so that I don’t lose track of what I do with my keys.” – Lindsey, United Kingdom

13. “I have a drawer in the kitchen where I store my car keys, wallet, and extra glasses.” – Ana Maria, Texas

14. “We don’t lock the door to our home, and we generally leave the keys in our vehicles. Luckily, we live in a very rural and remote area where this isn’t an issue.” – Desirae, New York

15. “I gave up and installed a number lock on my door instead!” – Leoni, England

Lost Keys? Next Steps

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