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Still Living Out Of Boxes? You’re Not Alone

It’s been ages since the last moving truck pulled out of your driveway, but you’re STILL living out of boxes! Here’s how an organizer suggests tackling the problem.

Q: “I moved two years ago — and my ADHD tendency to put off big projects means I still haven’t unpacked. I am sick of living out of boxes! Any suggestions?”

I have seen this many times. People think they will unpack as needed, so they don’t schedule adequate time to move in. This can lead to years of aggravation. And as unpacking is the final task in the long chore of moving, it is particularly tough for those with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), who may have lost their stamina — and often find it easier (at least at first) to just live out of boxes.

How Can I Get Started Unpacking?

Think of your unpacking as a new task and break it down into manageable pieces. Take out your calendar and schedule time to unpack a room per day on sequential weekends. At the end of each work day, cut down and recycle the boxes you have unpacked. Life will get more comfortable as each room is cleared of its box canyons!

As you unpack, you will need to make a shopping list for organizing tools — bookcases, peg boards, drawer organizers, and so on. You can shop for these items on weekday evenings between projects.

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