Guest Blogs

“Letting Go of Relationship Clutter”

As an ADHD adult, organizing is a challenge. After breaking up with my boyfriend, mementos filled my apartment and my mind, but I’m slowly sorting through the clutter.

Tired of the shoulds and should nots, I decided to give relationships a hiatus.

Left alone, I had time to slowly take inventory of my life. Over the summer, I spent time doing something that I don’t usually do — getting rid of some of the clutter in my life. I Windexed the windows, Swiffered the floor, and vacuumed the dust bunnies. I also sorted through mementos I knew that I should throw out, but had not — dusty love letters, disposable cameras containing photos that were never been developed (and maybe they never will — what’d be the point of looking at pictures that captured memories that are all so moot now?), a phone message from the ex-boyfriend.

I held on to these things. But I was holding on to nothing in the end.