Learning to Work Without a Boss’s Guidance

“My former boss used to tell me exactly what to do and when — a dream for an ADDer like me. My new supervisor wants me to work independently. Can I make this situation work?”

Next time you’re given a project to work on, ask your supervisor as many specific questions as you can think of before getting started. Then formulate your own game plan for the project – but request periodic “mini-meetings” with your supervisor to discuss your ideas and proposed schedule, and to track your progress. Tap your co-workers for advice, as well. If possible, run your plan by someone who’s worked on something similar.

If your boss doesn’t have time for regular 10-minute meetings, keep in touch via e-mail. Keep your messages simple and to the point. Bullet items that you’re working on and the dates on which you expect to complete them – and ask for feedback.

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