Learning Disabilities: What Are They?

A step-by-step approach to help teachers and parents understand the characteristics of LD.

by Robert Evert Cimera
Rowman & Littlefield; $24.95
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Parents and teachers in search of a comprehensive resource on learning disabilities need look no further. Cimera’s Learning Disabilities: What Are They? is a helpful, step-by-step approach to understanding LD. It’s written as if its author were talking directly with you, as you uncover the individual strengths, weaknesses, and needs of children who struggle to learn.

Cimera’s book is especially useful for parents who are preparing to collaborate with their child’s school. He explores, in detail, the evaluation and diagnostic process, and shares proven strategies to help your child overcome her specific challenges.

Cimera intersperses many of his own stories of growing up with an LD, demonstrating that all children with learning disabilities — like any of their peers — can succeed academically, emotionally, and socially.