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Keeping Track of Time – And Tasks

“Our ADHD daughter has difficulty judging how long a task takes and tries to do too many things in a day. She is balancing college classes, riding classes, barn chores, assignments and part-time work. Sometimes she forgets to eat regularly and reactive hypoglycemia makes concentration much more difficult. I saw an article online about a watch that can be programmed to prompt various activities but have lost the source information. Would this be a practical help, and do you know where I can find it?”

Yes, this watch would be a great tool for your daughter – it’s very effective and to my knowledge, is the only one of its kind. It’s called the WatchMinder and has over 70 pre-programmed messages that include things like ‘Pay Attention’, ‘Meds’, ‘Do HW’, etc.

You can get it through the WatchMinder web site or at 1.800.961.0023.

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