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How One Simple Task Turned Into Hours of Stress

All I wanted was a recipe — but instead, I ended up spending hours in front of my computer, angry and hungry. Here’s why ADHD can make even the simplest task take forever, and what you can do to jumpstart your productivity.

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Have you ever started to do a simple thing that should take a minute or so, only to have it take forever — or at the very least, several hours? If you have attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), I bet you have.

All I wanted was a recipe for dinner. I had pinned it to Pinterest and just needed to print it out. That little recipe cost me over three hours and left my head spinning.

First, I needed to install an update to my printer, so it would stop sending me blank sheets of paper. But to do that, I had to log into the company’s website.

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Did I have a password? No. I didn’t even have an account, so I had to create one. Then I had to find the update in my download folder. That took some doing because it had been sent as a PDF.

Then came the fun part: In order to install anything to my computer, I need a system password. That’s in addition to my iCloud password. And you can’t change your password — if you forgot it — without knowing what it is.

Several hours later, I realized that the password in question was the one I used to log in to my computer every day. Now I have my recipe printed out.

Why should you care about any of this? If you’re a woman with ADHD, here’s why:

  • We have poor short-term memory.
  • We tend to overthink things. It’s hard for us to see the forest for the trees, which is why nothing is simple for us.
  • We often become immersed in something to the exclusion of everything else.

So my day turned out to be nothing like I had planned, but I’ll have a tasty dinner tonight.

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  1. Can you believe it. The first email I reaid after going through a 3 hour printer wifi connection snafu is this. My news … effects this male who has been coNnecting plug n play mac printers for 30years. My problem exactlly the same darn this ADHD.. whats worse, the Username was shown on the page and the password was my telephone number

  2. This is the Number one problem of my life! The main reason is when I try to do something for my husband and it turns into a huge monster with a life of its own! It makes me feel like a failure. He is a successful businessman who has at least three secretaries who have everything he needs at the sound of his voice, Then there’s me. I want, with all my heart, for my husband to think I’m great…anyway if it can happen! ❤️

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