Is My Just Diagnosed ADHD Son Eligible for a 504 Plan?

My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and I requested a 504 Plan for him. The vice-principal said that he isn’t eligible because he’s taking medication, which, he says, “cures the problem.”

First, medication does not cure attention deficit disorder. In most cases, an effective medication program manages many, but not all, ADHD symptoms. Second, no law states that a child who takes ADHD medication is ineligible for a 504 Plan.

While an ADHD diagnosis, or a diagnosis of any other disability, does not automatically qualify your son for services and/or reasonable accommodations, he is eligible for support if his ADHD symptoms significantly limit a major life activity, such as his ability to learn. You must prove and document the fact that medication isn’t managing all of his symptoms, and that he needs a 504 Plan.

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